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Ángela González Moreno
Tfno.: 967599200 -Ext.: 2010/ 967599218 Directo

Academic Management

Academic Manager: Rosario Pérez Morote
Tfno.: 967599200 -Ext.: 2323/ 967599218 Directo
Rosario.PMorote@uclm.es  / Vic.Innovacion@uclm.es 

Academic Manager: Miguel Castro García
Tfno.: 967599200 - Ext.: 2464 / 967 599 218


Office Head: Carmen Muñoz Sevilla
Tfno.: 967599200 - Ext.: 2013/ 967599218 Directo
Carmen.MSevilla@uclm.es  / Vic.Innovacion@uclm.es
Executive: Antonio Fernández Martínez 
Tfno.: 967599200 - Ext.: 2271 / 967599218 Directo
Antonio.fernandez@uclm.es  / Vic.Innovacion@uclm.es

Contact details

Vice-chancellor´s office for Transference and Innovation
Campus Universitario s/n. 02071 Albacete 
Tfno.: +34 967 59 92 18
Fax: 926 29 52 21
E-mail: Vic.Innovacion@uclm.es

Ángela González Moreno
Vice-chancellor´s office for Transference and Innovation

Ángela González Moreno

Graduate in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Valencia and Doctor in Economics and Business Management from the University of  Castilla-La Mancha, which she joined in 2003 as an associate professor for  Business Organization in the Business Administration department., she has mainly taught on the Albacete campus, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, in  degree courses in Economics and Business Administration. Moreover, she has taught classes for the Master´s in Strategy and Marketing.

Her research career has focused on topics related to innovation strategy, organization for optimizing research results, impact of collaboration between different agents in the outcomes of innovations and mechanisms which favour relationships, apart from open innovation in different sectors and strategic adjustment of innovation with other company decisions. Her doctoral thesis, which obtained the highest grade gave rise to her first articles in high standing publications, and, at present there are numerous indexed articles and book chapters in her field of study. Her work has been recognised in two branches of research. 
Likewise, she has participated in regional, national and European projects, and in recent years she has joined the Castilla-La Mancha (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) team and participated in drawing up reports for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In the sphere of transference she has been the main researcher for various contracts Art.83 LOU(Organic Law for Universities) for the provision of  the services of research and training for companies and institutions of a different nature.

In the field of academic management, from April 2009 to September 2012 she held the post of assistant dean of International Relations, Documentation and Cultural Extension at the Albacete Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. From January 2013 to March 2016 she held the post of Academic Manager of Transference and Corporate Relations.