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In general, for the upcoming academic year 2024-25, ALL students at UCLM will complete online auto-enrolment starting from the assigned enrolment date and time. This includes new students entering the university and students in their second year and onwards.

The documentation required for auto-enrolment must be submitted to the Academic Management Unit of the campus where the studies are being pursued. The address of the unit can be found in the "Enrolment Management Locations" section.

Please consider the following recommendations that will surely be useful to you:

-Before enrolling, review your academic record to ensure that you are enrolling in all the courses you are interested in, especially if you are completing your studies.

-Consult the pre-registration form with the information on the study plan that you will find in the virtual registration envelope.

-Consult the new regulations on Progress and Continuation of Bachelor's and Master's students at UCLM.

-Check with your department if there are any core or mandatory courses in your curriculum that may affect the enrollment of other courses in higher years.

-Before completing self-enrollment, consult the user manual and the help video tutorial.

-Remember that when formalizing your enrollment, you must present the corresponding documentation if you request credit recognition as outlined in the Regulations for Credit Recognition in Bachelor's Studies for participation in university activities, cultural events, sports, student representation, solidarity, and cooperation at UCLM, approved by the Governing Council on October 5, 2011.


Once a student has fulfilled all the requirements established by the curriculum of their current degree program, their academic record will be enabled for requesting the issuance of a degree. However, to proceed with this procedure, all course grade lines must be evaluated.

However, if a student is enrolled in courses that are not necessary for fulfilling the requirements of their studies, and some course grade lines are not completely evaluated, if the student wishes to request the degree at that time (without having completed the academic year), it will be necessary for the student to voluntarily waive the pending evaluations for the courses enrolled in that academic year. This is because requesting a degree implies the closure of the academic record. The request for voluntary waiver of pending evaluations must be made without the right to a refund of enrolment fees.


In the first year:

  • Full-time enrolment in the first year of a Bachelor's program must include a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Part-time enrolment in the first year of a Bachelor's program must include a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 59 credits.

In the second year and onwards:

  • In the second year and onwards, full-time enrollment in each academic year must include a minimum of 60 credits and a maximum of 78 credits unless the enrollment includes all the remaining courses for obtaining the degree.
  • In the second year and onwards, part-time enrollment in each academic year must include a minimum of 18 credits and a maximum of 59 credits unless there are fewer credits remaining to complete the studies.
  • In general, it is not mandatory to enroll in courses pending completion from previous years, except for core or mandatory courses determined by the relevant Vice-Rectorate for each degree program, based on exceptional circumstances that justify it. In this case, enrollment cannot be completed without fulfilling this requirement.Before the start of the enrollment period, the departments will publish, if applicable, the resolution of the Vice-Rectorate listing the courses exempted from the general rule for each degree program offered.


The auto-enrolment platform of the University of Castilla-La Mancha allows you to enrol online. The browsers supported by this application are Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari and it should also be noted that your auto-enrolment session will expire in fifteen minutes, so you should not waste time in the process.

Students will be able to access the application from the date and time assigned in the pre-enrolment appointment until the deadline established in each enrolment period.

To log in to self-enrolment you will have to use the email address identifier (Nombre.Apellido@alu.uclm.es) and the password used in all corporate services.

If you have any access problem, you can resort to credential management.

Once you have logged in, the application will show you the steps you must follow to complete your enrolment, although we advise you to have the list of subjects you wish to enrol in in mind so as not to waste too much time.

In the following links you will find more information about the self-enrolment process.

Auto-enrolment manual

Auto-enrolment video tutorial

Payment by credit card

Click to access Auto-enrolment:



Receipt management

Enrollment appointment
Personal academic certification
Official Title Request

From the Virtual Secretary you can access all online procedures for students, pre-university and graduates.

In this demonstrative video we inform you about the administrative procedures that you can carry out online.