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Coordination between Academic Staff

The Bachelor’s Degree in Building Engineering has various horizontal and vertical academic staff coordination mechanisms. A course coordinator, an external work placement board and four academic year coordinators, together with the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering Teaching Committee, the EPC’s Quality Assurance Committee and its other committees (Economic and Infrastructure Committee, Communication and Promotion Committee, Research Committee, External Work Placement and Mobility Committee) are responsible for defining the different aspects involve in the teaching-learning process.

At the start of each semester, a meeting schedule is decided where at least one course coordination meeting is held. Similarly, the EPC’s different committees meet regularly as needed. During these meetings the teaching guides for each subject are reviewed in order to detect any potential overlapping and omission in the theoretical and practical contents, competence, learning results, teaching methods, assessment method, resources and materials used, timetables, implementation of foundation courses, collaboration in teaching innovation projects, among others.

  • Degree Coordinator: Miguel Ángel Ruiz Rey
  • Coordinator Year 1: David Sanz Martínez
  • Coordinator Year 2: Francisco Javier Castilla Pascual
  • Coordinator Year 3: María Segarra Cañamares
  • Coordinator Year 4: Jesús Alfaro González
  • Subject coordination map

Approved by Board of the EPC on 22 December 2016.