Scientific Equipment (Instrumentation)

1. Environmental Impact Studies.

  • 2 Sonometer ACLAN, modelo SdB01.
  • 2 Cone penetrometer RIMIK, model CP40 II.

2. Applied dendrochronology.

  • 2 Tree rings measurement equips trademark RINNTECH, model LINTAB.

3. Forestry instrumentation and physiologic equipment for plants and flux measurements

  • Complete forest measurement equipment for 10 users, consisting of calipers, hypsometers, bark calipers, increment borers, compasses, tape measures, digital gauges, milestones, bitterlich relascopes, GPS and pocket stereoscopes.
  • Complete biomass measurement equipment in the field, composed of two chainsaws, personal protection equipment, three weighing scales in the field (max 60, 120 and 1,000 kg) and a precision balance (max. 6 kg).
  • 2 LAI measuring equipment, model LAI-2000 (LICOR), for LAI measurement.
  • 1 Device for measuring photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), model LI-250A Light Meter (equipped with the LI-190SA Quantum Sensor sensor, LICOR).
  • 2 Analyzers for measuring CO2 and water vapor in the measuring chamber, with an integrated IRGA cell in the chamber, trademark LICOR, models LI-6400 and LI-6400 XT.
  • 1 special chamber for fluorescence measurements of chlorophyll, model LI 6400-40.
  • 1 Chamber for measuring photosynthesis in coniferous (branches), model LI 6400-05.
  • 1 Chamber for measurement of photosynthesis in needles, model LI 6400-07.
  • 1 Chamber for measuring CO2 on the ground, trademark LICOR, model LI 6400-09.
  • 1 CO2 injector in LI-6400XT, model LI 6400-01.
  • 2 portable gaseous floor exchange analyzers, trademark LICOR, model LI-COR 8100 and LI-COR 8150 Multiplexer (with 8 independent measuring chambers).
  • 1 Hipsometer-ultrasonic distance meter, model VERTEX III DME.
  • 2 Dendrometer-distance meters, trademark LASER TECHNOLOGY INC., Model CRITERION RD 1000.
  • 2 Hypsometer-distance meters, trademark LASER TECHNOLOGY INC., Model True-Pulse.
  • 1 Stereoscope WILD AVIOPRET model APT2.
  • 1 Image Analyzer of foliar samples, DELTA T.
  • 1 Scholander pressure chamber, model 3005, for measuring water potential in sheets.
  • 1 Mobile Terrestrial Laser Lidar (Zebrevo).
  • 12 Sap flow measurement equipment.
  • 60 measuring equipment in continuous diametral growth
  • 1 sample drying oven of 0.75 m3 capacity.

4. Equipment for measuring the net productivity of the ecosystem (NEP) through micrometeorological techniques.

  • 5 "Eddy Covariance" stations for measuring CO2 and H2O fluxes, composed mainly of 3-dimensional sonic anemometer (YOUNG 81000 and CSAT-3), infrared gas analyzer (LI-7500), dataloggers (LI-7550 and CR5000) , among other components (probes of temperature and relative humidity of the air, sensor for the measurement of the net radiation, sensors of flow of heat in soil, etc). These stations are located in: 2 towers in Public Utility Forest (PUF) No. 133 "Ensanche de Las Majadas" (Las Majadas, Cuenca), 2 towers in Monte UP nº 166 "Dehesa de Abajo" (Almodóvar del Pinar, Cuenca), and 1 tower in "Manzaneque" (El Bonillo, Albacete).
  • 1 "Eddy Covariance" station for measuring CO2, H2O and CH4 fluxes composed mainly of 3-dimensional sonic anemometer (YOUNG 81000), infrared gas analyzer (LI-7500), datalogger (LI-7550), among other components ( probes for air temperature and relative humidity, sensor for the measurement of net radiation, soil heat flux sensors, etc). Pending installation.
  • 2 "Bowen Ratio" stations for measuring CO2 and H2O fluxes, composed of infrared gas analyzer (LI-7000) and datalogger (CR3000), among other components (probes for air temperature and relative humidity, sensor for the measurement of net radiation, sensors of heat flow in soil, etc). Both stations are located at Monte UP nº 166 "Dehesa de Abajo" (Almodóvar del Pinar, Cuenca).
  • 4 Meteorological stations composed of datalogger (METEODATA 3000C), temperature probe and relative humidity of the air, pluviometer of tilting cups, etc. These stations are located in: 1 tower on (PUF) No. 106 "Los Palancares y Agregados" (Cuenca, Cuenca), 1 tower on (PUF) No. 133 "Ensanche de Las Majadas" (Las Majadas, Cuenca), 1 tower on (PUF)  No. 166 "Dehesa de Abajo" (Almodóvar del Pinar, Cuenca), and 1 towers in the "Manzaneque" area (El Bonillo, Albacete).

5. Evaluación de la calidad de suelos agrícolas y forestales.

  • 1 Espectrofotómetro de masas, marca PERKIN ELMER, modelo Lambda 25 Uv/Vis Spectrometer.
  • 1 Espectrómetro de emisión óptica (ICP-OES), modelo Varian 700-ES.
  • 1 Analizador de Carbono Orgánico Total, marca SHIMADZU, modelo TOC-V CSH.
  • 1 Equipo automático para la determinación de Nitrógeno Kjeldhal, marca VELP SCIENTIFICA.
  • 1 Analizador de CO2 IR, marca PBI DANSENSOR, modelo CheckMate II.
  • 1 Horno de mufla, marca HOBERSAL, modelo HD-150 “PA”.
  • 1 Horno de mufla, marca HORBESAL, modelo12 PR/300. Serie 8B.
  • 1 Balanza electrónica analítica, marca SARTORIUS, modelo CP-224 S.
  • 1 Balanza de precisión, marca GRAM, serie ST 500.
  • 1 Congelador, marca INDESIT
  • 2 Frigoríficos, marca BEKO
  • 1 Centrifuga, marca NAHITA, modelo 2690.
  • 1 Baño agitador, modelo OVAN.
  • 1 pH-metro, marca HORIBA, modelo D-54.
  • 1 Agitador magnético-calentador, modelo Falc.
  • 1 Destilador de agua osmotizada tipo II, marca WASSERLAB ECOMATIC, modelo RO 2000.
  • 1 Mass spectrophotometer PERKIN ELMER, model Lambda 25 Uv / Vis Spectrometer.
  • 1 Optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), model Varian 700-ES.
  • 1 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, SHIMADZU, model TOC-V CSH.
  • 1 Automatic equipment for the determination of Nitrogen Kjeldhal,  VELP SCIENTIFICA.
  • 1 IR CO2 Analyzer, PBI DANSENSOR, CheckMate II model.
  • 1 muffle furnace,  HOBERSAL, model HD-150 "PA".
  • 1 muffle furnace, HORBESAL model12 PR / 300. Series 8B.
  • 1Bomb Calorimeter trademark IKA, model C 200.
  • 1 analytical electronic balance, SARTORIUS, model CP-224 S.
  • 1 Precision balance, GRAM, ST 500 series.
  • 2 Freezer, INDESIT
  • 3 Refrigerators, BEKO brand
  • 1 Centrifuge, NAHITA, model 2690.
  • 1 Stirrer bath, OVAN model.
  • 1 pH meter, HORIBA brand, model D-54.
  • 1 Magnetic stirrer-heater, model Falc.
  • 1 Type II osmotic water distiller, WASSERLAB ECOMATIC brand, model RO 2000

6. Other equipment.

  • Cross-country vehicle (Nissan Terrano II, 2.7 intercooler).
  • Towing platform, MATILSA, model Parma 12T, with hydraulic stabilizers.
  • Drill, brand AEG, model BDSE 12 TSX).
  • Trailer coupled to cross-country vehicle for 1000 kg. of net charge.