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Academic Management:

Academic Manager: Julio Florentino del Corral Cuervo
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Academic Manager: María Inmaculada Gallego Giner
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Academic Manager: Mercedes Ávila Francés
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Assessor for European funds: Isidro Sánchez-Cabezudo Rivera
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Executive director: Ildefonso Martínez Jiménez
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Executive director: José Ramón Arcos Areosa
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Technician II: Francisco Lorenzo Navarro
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Technician III: Raquel Hervás Pavón
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Executive: Silvia Jiménez Castro
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Vice-chancellor for Finance and Planning
Rectorado - C/. Altagracia, 50
13071 Ciudad Real
Tfno.: 926 29 53 45 Fax: 926 29 53 01

Manuel Villasalero Díaz
Vice-chancellor for Finance and Planning

Manuel Villasalero Díaz

Born in Ciudad Real in 1974, he graduated in Business Management and Administration and with a doctorate in Economics and Business Studies from the University of  Castilla-La Mancha which he joined as a professor in 1998. At present, he is an associate university professor for Business Organization at the Ciudad Real Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

In research matters, he is author of a range of scientific articles, monographs and book chapters especially in the field of business creation, corporate strategy and international strategy for businesses. On two occasions, amongst others he obtained the national award for Financial Studies ( called by the Financial Studies Centre).

In the setting of transference and business relations, he has directed the Domingo Cabanes Classroom  assigned to the mixed university-company chair for Family Business, he has coordinated the UCLM programme Emprende on the Ciudad Real campus and has managed the Technical Office for the Platform for Business Creation promoted by Fundación Horizonte XXII  dedicated to making market research into supporting  the creation of new businesses. 

In the field of university management, he held the offices of academic deputy manager of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Studies and Programmes and academic manager for the Vice-chancellor´s office for Degrees and Master´s and for the Vice-chancellor´s Office for Degrees, Master´s and Doctorates, focusing on adapting official qualifications to the European Space for Higher Education and implementing new official degrees at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.