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Psychological and Psycho-pedagogical Guidance and Counselling Service


sychological and Psychopedagogical Guidance and Counselling Service (SOAPP)

General Information:

The Psychological and Psychopedagogical Guidance and Counselling Service (SOAPP) is a free Service that the UCLM makes available to the University Community (Students, Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), Research Staff (PI) and Administration and Services Staff (PAS) with the aim of Guidance and Counselling in the Psychological and Psychopedagogical field to those people who need and request it.


Functions of the SOAPP:

  • Carrying out programmes and workshops from the Psychological and Psychopedagogical field with the aim of preventing psychological and/or academic problems by increasing the personal resources of individuals and promoting healthy behaviours that contribute to improving people's quality of life.

  • Psycho-educational programmes and workshops will be offered aimed at reducing complications in the early stages of the onset of a psychological disorder and reducing its duration.

  • To provide individualised psychological counselling, either in person or online, to students, teaching and research staff, teaching and research assistants and administrative and service staff who request it. This psychological counselling is a free first aid service. As a general rule, there will be one assessment session and a maximum of four sessions per academic year. If deemed necessary, the person will be referred to the most appropriate service and/or health professional to respond to their request.